9 Instagram Tips to Make Your Business Page POP

Instagram can be a tricky devil. When you’re first starting out, it can be hard to imagine your grid as one of the flawless, impeccably curated feeds you see from some of the top influencers. How do they do it?!

Having an engaging and good-looking feed can be a huge benefit for your business, gaining you new followers on the app who have never heard of you, and encouraging your regular customers to engage with you and share their own snaps of your goods and services.


So, here’s the inside knowledge and Instagram tips you need to make your Instagram look like an expensive modern art installation that people actually get.


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1. Choose a colour scheme

Want to go bold? Choosing a colour scheme is one way to give yourself a seriously attractive feed. Some users really do this well, choosing to post only images with a certain tone- i.e. all blue, blue milkshakes, blue clothes, blue skies, just blue. For your business page, think about your brand colours and whether this could make for an attractive feed.


2. What’s your theme?

Having a theme will help you access the right audience for your content. Think your audience want to find out where all the best restaurants are? Post loads of attractive food shots. Perhaps your audience love a bit of DIY work? Post images of upcycling or interior design ideas. Just make sure you pick a theme and stick to it. It can be as vague as “travel” or “lifestyle”, but it’s important to post what your audience wants to see.


3. Think about your captions

Instagram is all about imagery, but having a witty or thoughtful caption to go with each post is half the battle. Perhaps you want to use the space to talk about an event you have coming up? Or do you just want to make people laugh? Take the time to think of what you want the caption to say, and whether you want to be the kind of business to post short, snappy statements, or mini-blogs under each post.



4. Engage with your customers

Everyone loves to have a nosy in the comments section. And people are more likely to ❤️ your image if other people have already liked it too. To increase the chances of getting likes and comments, try to engage with your customers and audience, companies like ASOS are seriously good at this. Take a leaf out of their book and try interacting with your top customers. It will not only make your business page look a lot better, but it will also increase brand trust. Win-win.


5. Use *High Quality* images

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, worse than an Instagram feed where the images look like they were taken on a potato. If you’re taking pictures for your own feed, try to use a high-quality camera. When reposting content from your customers, use a reposting app to ensure the quality levels don’t drop- which could happen when you screenshot to repost.


6. Pick a filter. Stick to it.

We’ve spoken about colours and themes, but one thing that can help you develop a cohesive and attractive feed is to use the same filter. Whether it’s Valencia or Hefe, using the same filter (to the same level of intensity) will ensure that your images all appear to be stylised and following a theme. Even if the original images are completely different.


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7. Take up your grid with one image

It’s a bold move and can be messed up if you choose to go down this path then change your mind, but one option is to take up your grid with one image that spans 6 or 9 tiles. Or perhaps use 3 tiles across to make an announcement. It looks incredible when viewed as a whole, as you can see from the example by @sixbynico above, but be aware that from then on, you’ll need to post images in sets of 3 to ensure the look isn’t broken up.


8. Going pro? Try a Lightroom Preset

If you know what you’re doing with Photoshop, you may already know that you can use presets on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to get the same effect as using the same filter on all of your photos, but it will look way more professional and sleek. You can, of course, pay for presets, but often by doing a bit of research you can find your own for free- or create one! Here’s one we found on Twitter called Beach Ambience! And another one for Pastel.


9. Take your pics in natural light

Last of all, when it comes to taking the pictures in the first place, use natural light. Morning and late afternoon are best, especially if you want to get that “golden hour” glow. When you use natural light, the images will be clearer and brighter, which will lend itself well to using filters. If you need them! If you consistently take your images in the same natural light, you may not need to use a filter to produce a cohesive set of pics. Nature’s own filter! The sun!


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