6 Places to Head for a Post-Fast Breaking Feast During Ramadan

This year, Ramadan is well underway, having started at sunset on Sunday the 5th of May. The holy month will run until sunset on Tuesday the 4th June (although, this is an estimate and may be different depending on a variety of factors) during which period many Muslims will be fasting from sunrise until sunset in order to get closer to Allah, give to charity and nurture community spirit.

You can see a timetable of the Ramadan (or Ramadhan) prayers for the Glasgow Central Mosque here, and learn when fasting should begin (Fajar) and end (Maghrib). The fast will include avoiding all food and drink- including water!

So, we imagine that by the time the post-fast breaking feast comes around (a meal which is called iftar), you’ll want to dig into a meal you love with your family and friends!

Here are some of the top places in Glasgow to head after sunset this Ramadan!

sugar rush ice cream for ramadan in glasgow


1. Sugar Rush, St Andrews Road


Opening Hours: 12pm-12am Monday to Friday, 12pm-1am Saturday and Sunday.

Sugar Rush is first up on our list, in the South Side of Glasgow. With crazy desserts including waffles, sundaes and “freakshakes” they provide something a bit different for breaking fast during Ramadan.



2. Chillies West End, Woodlands Road


Opening Hours: 4pm-11pm Monday to Thursday, 12pm-11pm Saturday and Sunday, 2pm-10pm Sunday.

A firm favourite of many Swipii staff, Chillies in the West End of Glasgow serves up tapas-style India food till late most days of the week- making it one of the perfect places to head for an iftar dinner with the family.



3. Deesserts, Sauchiehall Street


Opening Hours: 1pm-11pm Sunday to Thursday, 1pm-12am Friday and Saturday.

Most nights, you can see Deesserts on Sauchiehall Street packed with folks enjoying cookie doughs, crepes, coffee and cakes. With a Central location and a huge range of treats, it’s the perfect place for a quick treat once your fast for the day has ended.


chaakoo bombay restaurant window ramadan in glasgow



Chaakoo Bombay Cafe, St Vincent Street


Opening Hours: 12pm to 11pm.

Chaakoo Bombay Cafe is one of the great restaurants of Glasgow City Centre, serving up dishes that hark back to Bombay or Irani cafes in India, with Persian and Iranian roots in history. Full of flavour and with a brilliant atmosphere, another ideal place to visit for your post-fact breaking feast.



Mother India’s Cafe, Argyle Street


Opening Hours: 12pm-10.30pm Monday to Thursday, 12pm-11pm Friday and Saturday, 12pm-10pm Sunday (Last orders taken at these times).

If you live in Glasgow, there’s a strong chance you’ve either been to Mother India’s Cafe, or you’ve heard someone raving about it. Another tapas-style Indian restaurant, Mother India can treat you to delicious food, with orders being taken well after sunset this Ramadan so you can take iftar as a family.


coro chocolate cafe fondu for ramadan in glasgow



Coro the Chocolate Cafe, Sauchiehall Street


Opening Hours: 12pm-11pm.

Another of Glasgow’s insanely good dessert places, Coro the Chocolate Cafe is open late in the City Centre to allow you to head in for an indulgent treat after sunset. They’ve got chocolate fondues, bubble waffles, pancakes, all sorts!


Where do you think is the ideal place for a post-fast breaking feast this Ramadan in Glasgow? Let us know so we can share it with the Swipii community!  

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When Eid al-Fitr (Eid, which marks the end of Ramadan) comes around, we hope you have a fabulous time with all of your family and friends. Ramadan Kareem!




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