10 Reasons Why Customers Love Using Digital Loyalty Programs

We love loyalty. We know that shoppers love loyalty programs just as much as businesses love loyal customers. It’s important to know why loyalty programs are loved by shoppers so that we can all provide the best programs and rewards on the market. So we’ve gathered the characteristics that we think make a great loyalty program so that you can think about how to implement and encourage repeat business again and again.


Here are 10 reasons why shoppers love customer loyalty programs.


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1. You can save money


One of the most obvious reasons that most shoppers in the UK love to take part in different companies’ loyalty programs is the sheer amount of savings to be had on various products and services. Whether it’s getting a discount on products because you’re a VIP customer, or just getting your 6th coffee for free, saving money on stuff we buy anyway is one of the key driving factors behind taking up membership of a customer loyalty program.



2. Keep on top of your savings!


Saving money is great, but only if you can count up where and when you saved it! Otherwise, it’ll just get lost in the hubbub of day-to-day spending. With digital loyalty programs like Swipii’s, you’ll get a notification when you’ve spent and collected points and you’ll have a record of all the times you’ve earned and claimed your free reward for being a loyal customer. So you can add up all the free stuff you’ve earned and saved on!


Piggy Bank Save Money



3. It’s nice to get rewarded


Of course, one of the key reasons that people love digital loyalty programs- and loyalty programs in general- is the feeling that you get when you earn the free stuff or get rewarded for your brand loyalty. Especially when you’re shopping in businesses you love and support. It’s a great feeling of gratification to shop in your favourite business and get a free present in return, being loyal can feel so good!



4. Personalised offers are more convenient


Customers love digital loyalty programs because they give more opportunity for rewards to be personalised, or even tailored to a particular audience. If you know that your customers love tea more than coffee, make tea your reward. If they’re more of a pizza bunch than they are pizza fans, then you know what to do. This makes life easier for the customers using your loyalty program, as they can redeem on the items which they would have bought anyway.



5. They help you make decisions!


Following on from the previous point, digital loyalty programs help you make decisions! How many times have you sat at an impasse with your significant other, trying to decide on where to go for your dinner? By being featured on a loyalty app, for example on Swipii’s Explore page, you can showcase your rewards and make the decision-making process much easier.

“Hey, if we go collect points at THAT restaurant we could get a dessert for free next time!”


Gift shape to symbolise present of digital loyalty programs.



6. Birthday treats


Giving your loyal customers a birthday present is becoming more and more popular with businesses across a variety of sectors. Asos give all their members 10% off on their birthday, and Pizza Express will give you a free bottle of prosecco on your special day! This is totally doable for local businesses too, and with a loyalty program that gives you customer behaviour insights (like Swipii), you can make sure you know what the rewards are so that the birthday present from business to shopper definitely goes down well.



7. Feel like a VIP


Customers love feeling like a VIP. Remember being 12 and feeling like a boss because you had one trip in a limo? If you could bottle that feeling, that’s what it’s like getting rewarded with your favourite business’ loyalty program. According to a report by Forrester, 69% of shoppers who are part of loyalty programs find special treatment to be a hugely important part of the experience. Businesses on the Swipii app have offered everything from return trips to India, to entry to Tough Mudder (with an escort from the manager). Incredible rewards like this make your customers feel like they’re in on a major secret!

“Omg I found a loyalty program that is gonna give me a holiday! HOW did I not know this?!”



8. Digital loyalty is seamless


It’s not just personalised offers that make digital loyalty programs more convenient for your customers. The seamless experience that loyalty programs like Swipii offer is also something that shoppers love. The Swipii loyalty program links to your payment card (debit or credit) once, then all you need to do is pay by card in participating shops, restaurants, cafes and more! You can forget about swiping cards or scanning QR codes, customers just need to carry on doing what they were doing anyway. Seamless! And super convenient for your loyal customers.




9. Supporting their favourite businesses


Part of the Swipii mission is “to enable communities to discover, connect and

share rewards at local businesses”, and we put huge value on supporting these local businesses to be the best they can be. There’s a certain feel-good-factor that comes from supporting a local business to thrive, whether it be a family-run café or a young, local designer. By being a regular at these independent businesses, customers are given the opportunity to keep their high streets alive, support their local economy, and often have a positive environmental impact. It’s a win for everyone!



10. No need to remember paper cards…


Last but by no means least, customers love digital loyalty programs because it gives them a chance to Marie Kondo their wallet or purse (give it a right good clear out). We’ve spoken to some shoppers in Glasgow, and some have had up to 12- TWELVE- loyalty cards in their purse. Including plastic swipe cards, paper punch cards and cards with QR codes. What a confusing time they must have at the till. With a digital loyalty app like Swipii’s, customers literally just need their payment card. That’s it! No need to even look at the app when shopping in participating locations, only when they want to actually redeem their rewards. Super simple, and even the most forgetful customers can make the most of your loyalty program.


This is the Swipii app which could be used as Monzo alternative.


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