Acceptable use policy

Updated: 10/09/2019

What is an Acceptable Use Policy?

The Swipii mission is “to enable communities to discover, connect and share rewards at local businesses”. Part of this is enabling businesses to grow their audiences and revenue through the power of cashback, ensuring small and independent businesses have access to the same technology as the larger organisations with which they are trying to compete.

We want businesses to be able to use the Swipii marketing tool in a way that suits their own business. For this, we would love to have an open-door policy for our Swipii platform. That said, we want to put some guidelines in place as to which businesses we think we can provide the most value for, and which businesses are right- or not right- for our users.

So, this Acceptable Use Policy will outline the businesses which are either prohibited or restricted on our platform, and some of the reasons behind this.

We consider ourselves to be a socially responsible business and we want to make sure that the content within our app reflects the ideals and ethical standpoints that we have as a company here at Swipii.

If your business comes under any of these headings and you’d like to learn more, please drop the Swipii team an email on and we’ll be happy to elaborate.

Looking for our Terms and Conditions?

Before we continue, make sure you’re in the right place! If you were looking for the Business Terms and Conditions, which outlines more transactional guidelines you should head here. If you’re a Swipii app user and you’re looking for the User Terms and Conditions, you should head here. Just in case! You can access all of our important docs from the Swipii home page.

Prohibited and Restricted – What’s the difference?

Within the Swipii Acceptable Use Policy, we have outlined two categories of business- Prohibited and Restricted. These two categories have slightly different descriptions and guidance. Swipii does reserve the right to make a call of whether or not a business is suitable for the platform. We also reserve the right to request that businesses on the app uphold the minimum standards required of the industry in which they operate, and may take action should standards fall below these levels.

Furthermore, we do state in our User Terms and Conditions that our service is not intended for use by persons under the age of 16. That said, we expect businesses to carry out their own checks to ensure products, services and rewards are being distributed responsibly.

Prohibited Businesses are those which we cannot accept onto the Swipii platform. There will be no exceptions to the rule for the industries we list below. This will be for a number of reasons, dependent on the industry. If you find that your business comes under one of the listed umbrellas, you can contact us to find out more about our decision.

Restricted Businesses are those which we may allow on the platform, however, they will be under closer scrutiny than other businesses might, in terms of the rewards they offer via Swipii, and the services they may promote via Swipii. If your business comes under this heading, and you are wondering what this might mean for your loyalty program, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with the team.

Prohibited business
Counterfeit goods

The Swipii platform does not support the sale or promotion for sale of counterfeit goods. We believe in supporting original work by local businesses and feel that counterfeit goods can be harmful or detrimental to the market and to our users.

Harmful products or services

We want to help keep people safe both online and offline, so we don’t allow the promotion of some products or services that cause damage, harm or injury. This includes unproven technology, equipment to facilitate drug use, recreational drugs (chemical or herbal), explosive materials and fireworks, electronic cigarettes, vaping equipment or tobacco products.

Adult Content

At the moment, our loyalty platform is provided to users over the age of 16. Due to this, we must prohibit the promotion of adult content via Swipii loyalty programs. Examples of prohibited adult content include: strip clubs, gentlemen’s clubs, sex toy providers, adult magazines, or sexual enhancement products.

Gambling and games

As a company, we support responsible gambling advertising and therefore we have chosen to not allow gambling-related advertising or listings within the Swipii platform. Our business model is focussed on the idea of repeat custom, and therefore we don’t feel it would be right to promote gambling products or services. Examples of prohibited gambling-related businesses include: physical casinos, bingo halls, national or private lotteries, or bookmakers.


It is our belief, first of all, that we will not be able to provide the best value to newsagents as our business models do not fit comfortably within each other. We are also limited with the products and services we would allow newsagents to promote- such as tobacco products. Therefore, we feel that, as we cannot provide the value we would like to be able to, we are going to end our support of newsagents and similar businesses from the Swipii platform.

Financial services

As with our above comments on gambling-related businesses, our business model also does not work with financial services, as we feel we should not be encouraging repeat custom of businesses within this industry. We consider financial products and services to include banking, consulting, and loan providers.

Restricted business

With all Restricted Businesses we expect the business owners, their staff and their business activity to uphold the minimum standards and regulations of the industry they operate in. As mentioned earlier, Swipii does reserve the right to request that your business does meet these industry standards, and take action should standards fall below an acceptable level. We do state in our User Terms and Conditions that our service is not intended for use by persons under the age of 16. That said, we expect businesses to carry out their own checks to ensure products, services and rewards are being distributed responsibly.


As Swipii is not intended for use by persons under the age of 16, we feel it is our duty of care to make sure that alcohol-related businesses must be held under closer scrutiny to ensure the platform is being used responsibly. We will ensure that cashback rewards involving alcohol are appropriate, don’t encourage irresponsible behaviour or binge-drinking, and that the cashback offers are not targeted towards minors. Our team will evaluate this on a case by case basis.

Cosmetic or Aesthetic Services

We want to support local businesses in the beauty industry, however, we have some responsibility to ensure the promotion of services is clear, respectful and socially responsible. Beauty service providers are allowed on the app, however, the listing promoted via Swipii will be under closer scrutiny as we will not allow the promotion of cosmetic or aesthetic surgeries, injections and similar procedures. This will include procedures such as lip fillers, chemical peels or semi-permanent makeup.

Tattoo Parlours

Tattoo parlour owners will already know the limitations in advertising we will have, for example, promoting to minors or encouraging irresponsible behaviour. We will keep a close eye on businesses like this to ensure their listing within the app is responsible and appropriate.

Healthcare and Medicines

As with other marketing or advertising platforms, we will not allow the promotion of specific medicines or healthcare procedures. Some businesses which provide healthcare services, such as pharmacies, may be allowed on the app, but we will scrutinise the rewards to ensure they are responsible. We will not allow rewards such as any medicinal product or over-the-counter product.

General guidance
Acting Responsibly

If you use the Swipii platform to promote your business to new customers in your area, you must ensure you are using our platform responsibly. This includes how you use the data provided by the Swipii platform and the links or addresses you include on your business profile.

Misrepresentation or Misleading Content

As we enable businesses to list their business on the Swipii app and tailor their listing in a way that suits each individual business, we do allow for some scope on how you describe and promote your business. However, we will continue to monitor the content within the app to ensure no content misrepresents a business or misleads the users.

Political Content

Many local businesses are owned by individuals who each have their own ideals and viewpoints. We have the utmost respect for every individuals’ ethical standpoint, however, we will restrict or remove political content where it is inappropriate or irrelevant for the user experience. We would encourage businesses to remove all political content from their profile within the Swipii app.

Copyright and Trademarks

As we have already stated, we respect original content and the work of local businesses to build and promote their own individual brands. Therefore, we will continue to monitor the use of copyright and trademark usage to ensure all businesses are respectful of each other within the app and there is no infringement.

Inappropriate content

As with all public platform, we want to ensure that the content within the Swipii platform is inclusive and respectful. We will continue to keep a close eye on the content our participating businesses promote via the Swipii platform to ensure there is no inappropriate or offensive content.