The Swipii Story

Who We Are and What We Do

We are Swipii. We are a tight-knit community of people working to give local businesses amazing loyalty programs and give local shoppers some awesome free rewards. 

The Swipii app provides a hub for shoppers to get free rewards, find their new favourite local businesses, and support businesses with their custom, ratings and more.

Our vision

Swipii is building the world’s largest local marketplace, connecting business, consumers and brands.

Our values

Our culture is always evolving. As a team, we want to be always mindful, always respectful, always empowering, and always nurturing and fun.

Our mission

Swipii is on a mission to enable communities to discover, connect and share rewards at local businesses.

Swipii was born

Louis Schena and Chitresh Sharma met while studying for their Master at Strathclyde University, in Glasgow. They wanted to develop a loyalty product that would give small businesses the resources to compete with larger high street competitors. And so, right here in Glasgow, Swipii was born.

Louis and Chitresh, the founders who created the loyalty app.

Our first product

With a strong idea, and the backing of their mentors, the Swipii founders developed their first product. This product was a tablet-based loyalty platform which allowed shoppers to ‘Check-In’ and get points for visiting businesses in their area. Shoppers had Swipii key fobs or cards to scan at the tablet, and it was a pretty simple loyalty experience that allowed businesses to learn a little bit about their customers as well as providing business owners with automated marketing, such as email campaigns.

Our initial success

Swipii had created an incredible loyalty product, that businesses and shoppers loved. At the peak of the success of the tablet model, Swipii had over 1000 participating businesses and 1 million users. We had Swipii tablets shipping out all over the country! With this success, Swipii were proud winners of Best ‘Customer Loyalty, Personalisation and CRM’ award at the UK Digital Experience Awards in 2016-17. Founders Louis Schena and Chitresh Sharma were both included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2017 too. We’re so proud of all the team achieved during this time! 

UK Digital Experience Awards Swipii Awards
Swipii card machine

The challenges

We wanted to do better for our local businesses and the people using Swipii every day. There were downsides to the way the first product worked. The tablets we used often lost signal or connection. We couldn’t give businesses as much data as we wanted, in comparison to new tech which major players were beginning to utilise.

Focussing on the hardware took away from the seamless loyalty experience we wanted businesses and shoppers to have.  

A new leaf

The discovery of card linking technology gave Swipii a new lease of life. We started from ground-zero to develop a new product with this new tech which would give local businesses and shoppers the seamless experience and data we wanted to give them. Still based in our Glasgow headquarters, our product team worked tirelessly to develop the new app, which was the first in Europe to use card linking technology for a loyalty platform. The app could provide better, more verifiable data for businesses, and could give users a seamless experience of loyalty.

The Swipii app has ultimately changed the game.

Growing 2.0

Swipii is on a rocket ship and we’re firing up the engines! We’ve expanded our user base to 1000s of shoppers across Glasgow and further afield, who want to support local businesses and find the best rewards. We’ve got 100s of businesses signed up to join the Swipii revolution and learn more about their customers.

Our team is growing too, with a bunch of talented folks joining us at Swipii HQ, hailing from the likes of Skyscanner, Trainline and more.

The sky is the limit!

We’re expanding throughout the UK, starting now, so you’ll begin to see Swipii locations on the app from all over. Our product team are continuing to build awesome new features every day, to make the Swipii app the best it can be for local businesses and shoppers too. 

We plan to keep up our mission of helping local businesses and continue to bring the best rewards to our Swipii users.

Join Swipii for Business

We’re all about supporting local businesses. So, businesses can create a completely free loyalty program in just a couple of minutes with Swipii.

Career Opportunities

Sound like your sort of place? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Check out the roles we have available now.

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