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11 Reasons You Should Be Blogging About Your Business

Business blogging is a beneficial and valuable marketing tactic that helps to capture audience attention and create a community for your brand. Your blog could be educational and entertaining or it could be informative via demonstrations. It could be all of these in one go!

Ultimately though, the reason you should be blogging is to increase your online presence so you can achieve some kind of objective i.e. more leads, more enquiries, sell more products, get speaking gigs at events etc…

A blog is a free marketing tool for your business and you can blog about absolutely ANYTHING. It’s highly unlikely that competitors in your industry aren’t already blogging and if they’re not, fantastic, yours can be the first! Being the first means that you will be found and get ahead of the competition.

Trust us, the internet brings people together.



There are blogs about everything from baths to bottle collecting. Nothing is irrelevant. Blogs are actually the 3rd online service likely to influence a purchase, only beaten by retail and brand websites. That’s right, they’re trusted more than Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

The benefits of blogging can be endless…

Here are the top 11 reasons why:

#1 Connect


A blog is a direct communication channel with your customers and potential customers. It’s a space to create an online community with your business.

Blogging encourages engagement, interaction and communication, building relationships and providing you with a wealth of information and feedback.

We already know that loyal customers are 2-3 times more effective at persuading others to purchase from you. Blogging is an effective tool to humanise your brand in deepen engagement with your customers by showing your personality.




#2 You’re A Subject Expert


If you are running a business, there is something that you know a lot about whether it’s hair, beauty, barbering, food, coffee, clothing or any other trade! You’ve got knowledge and you should share it, people looking for information on your area of expertise might happen upon your blog.

Educate them!

Similarly, you can use your blog to connect with others and learn more, your new knowledge can then go on to enhance your own business.

#3 Influence People


If you educate people you can influence them positively and position yourself as a subject area expert (which you are) then you will gain trust. The people coming to you for information on your industry will be influenced by you and it’s likely they’ll end up becoming your customers. As we mentioned already blogs are the 3rd most trusted source of accurate information online!

Similarly, you can use your blog to connect with others and learn more, your new knowledge can then go on to enhance your own business.

#4 It’s Easy!


You don’t have to be a web-designer, you don’t even have to be a big fan of technology.  There are several easy, free or cheap, user-friendly blogging platforms available to you such as WordPress and Medium. You can be up and running in no time!

Blogging will actually help you focus your business – it sets your brain into action, once you get into it, you will probably even enjoy it.

#5 Increased SEO


How do people find your business website online? Usually through search engines!

SEO is your visibility online!  and means that you can be found more easily in search results, primarily via Google – Blogging will help you appear higher in the search results.

Very few people are typing your business name into search engines because they are all ready know who you are. Blogging can help your website capture an entirely new audience. Every time you post something new your chance of reaching your target market increases – The more hooks you have in the water, the more fish you will catch! Your blog is like bait.

When people are searching for the topic you’re discussing they should come across your page and the more people who share your blogs or link them to their own blog or webpage the higher your SEO will climb!

Continually creating fresh content will ensure you beat your competitors in the search result pages. Remember to use relevant keywords in your articles. These are words, topics, and categories you want your business to be found with.



#6 Increased Website Traffic


Increased visibility online will result in increased website traffic.

Every time you post you are creating a lasting marketing asset that can be found online and then drives traffic to the rest of your site. The more your blog is being engaged with, the higher you will climb in search results.

Spend an hour or two writing a blog today and it could still be shared on facebook or twitter a year from now creating traffic to your website and future sales. You can also drive traffic to your blog via your social media pages.

#7 Sell


Driving constant traffic through your website will ultimately result in more sales. Your blog creates traffic to your website and traffic converts to leads and leads convert into sales.

Increased sales = increased profits. Simple!

Of course, this will work differently depending on your business type, for example, website traffic may increase footfall to your store or purchases online.

Remember those blog posts you spent a little time on a long time ago are still generating profit for you!

#8 Create A Competitive Advantage


Blogging helps you stay ahead of the game, it will automatically ensure that you are up to date on industry news, local news and the competition.

If your competitors aren’t blogging, you’re already winning, if they are it’s up to you to make sure that your blog has more to offer.

#9 Content, Content,Content


If you’re still wondering that you don’t have enough to write about don’t worry. Content creation is easy. You don’t always have to blog about your own business specifically, you can be creative with your content.

Write about things people want to hear about or share interesting finds. If you own a coffee shop why not create a beautiful post about coffee art. Hairstylists can blog about their favourite products or up and coming trends.

You can take inspiration from anywhere, think about industry related topics that you would like to read about. The opportunities are endless and as we already mentioned blogging is fun! Producing fresh and regular content will increase your brand engagement in ways you would never imagine.

#10 Social Media


Most small business owners are already aware of the benefits social media can bring to their business:

  • Show off your brand
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Create an online presence
  • Create an online community for your business
  • Give your brand advocates a platform to praise you
  • Enhance trust
  • Increase sales
  • Money saving – It’s free marketing

Social media plays a part in all modern marketing.

Your blog and your social media pages should be closely intertwined, partners in crime. They will drive traffic to each other and work together to enhance your online presence. If you already have a strong social media presence as soon as your blog is up and running, you can get sharing with your already engaged followers and your following should grow from there.



#11 Small Business Marketing


Marketing efforts are vital to the success of many businesses. When your business is smaller and your constraints are tighter with regards to time, money and other resources, being marketing savvy can save you time and money in the long run.

The main goals for any business are sales and growth. Blogging will add value to any marketing strategy whatever your goal may be. Remember blogs are the third online service likely to influence a purchase, only beaten by retail and brand websites.



Using a business blog as a platform to share your knowledge and business expertise is a valuable way to gain trust and build brand authority.

Subsequently, continually driving traffic through your website and social media places will lead to more sales in the long run.

Blogging is an inexpensive way to add value to all of your other small business marketing strategies helping you to make the most of your budget, develop better customer relationships and improve your brand image  – It’s a no brainer. The only thing a blog will cost you is your time. You can’t afford not to.

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